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Creating beautiful timeless pieces of art of your family to pass down generations.


We are so pleased to announce that we have selected all the twins for this project and have exceeded our fundraising goal of $2500 and have raised $2700 with your hlep!  Thank you so much for your interest in this project, we could not have raised these funds without you.  Be on the look out for the fine art book slated for October, there are so many fantastic stories and portraits to share with you.

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Do you have twins? Are you a twin? Do you know a twin?

Apply to be part of our latest project to create a beautiful fine art book featuring at least 25 sets of twins.

Why Twins?

Well as a Mother of twins I have to say that there is something so special about it all.  It is a bit of an exclusive club, not everyone can say they have survived twins or have a twin of their own.  We can't wait to hear all the stories of each family's experience in raising twins or being a twin.  These stories will also be featured in the book.

Supporting Jeneece place seemed like the perfect fit.  Our boys were born at 34.5 weeks.  We were very fortunate to be able to only have a short 2 week stay in the neonatal unit.  Some families have longer stays, and have to travel for their care.  There are enough worries during a high risk pregnancy knowing that you can be together as a family and not have to worry is a huge immense relief, and if we can help even just a little we would love to be part of that.

We plan on photographing 25 twin portrait sessions and when we’re finished, publishing a beautiful fine art hard cover book titled Wombmates - a collection of twins, featuring the best portrait from each session we photograph, together with a little anecdote about each set.

If you’d like your family to be a part of this, here are all the important details:

Who: If you are a twin or you have twins.  Ranging in ages from being able to sit up on their own to 100+ years. (It is very important the twins can sit on their own unaided)  We would love to capture all stages of lives for this twin project.  Identical, fraternal, young and old.  Preference will be given to those who have great anecdotal stories to share about their twinship.

When: Session times will be available Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning June - September 2018, with morning, afternoon and evening options.  The book is slated to be published in late October.

Where: Hudson Wren's natural lite studio, 55 532 Herald Street, Victoria BC

Cost to participate: $100, which will be donated directly to Jeneece Place. Our goal is to raise a total of $2500.

What’s included:  The full Hudson Wren Experience for the twins.  An in-studio portrait appointment to capture you and your twin as you are at this moment in time.  These beautiful timeless black and white portraits will become a cherished heirloom for your family and reserves you a place in the book.

The Hudson Wren Portrait Experience includes a personal appointment following your portrait session where you may purchase portraits from your session. There is no obligation to purchase any portraits, but we know you will love and want to display them in your home. This will be your opportunity to purchase any photographs if you like and help us chose the image that will be featured in the fine art book.

To thank you for your participation we would like to gift you $100 print credit towards anything you would like to order from your session. We will have a special selection of packages available for our participants, which will all include a copy of the book. Otherwise the book can be purchased separately.

How to apply: Fill out the application form at the bottom of this page, and we will contact you if selected to book your session and organize your donation.

There are 25 spots available!

Please note: Because this book will be published, you must be willing to provide permission to display your photographs as part of your involvement in this project. This will include the use of first names and ages in the book. 

Our fine art book will include twins ranging in ages from sitting up on their own to 100 years plus.  

Lauren and Logan018-2.jpg
Lauren and Logan054-2.jpg

There is a $100 participation fee to be a part of this project - this is donated in full to Jeneece Place.

We will in turn credit you with $100 towards any portraits you would like to purchase from your sitting.

Every twin set will have a portrait of them together featured in our fine art book once the project is complete.

sisters that are twins

Once you have been selected to participate in our fine art book, you will be sent a link to select your portrait appointment date and time and pay the $100 donation. This will be donated directly to Jeneece Place and locks in your session time and guarantees you a feature in our book. It also covers  a phone consultation to prepare you, your portrait appointment, a viewing/ordering appointment and a $100 print credit to use towards any of our collections, our gift to you.  ($300 Value).   A la carte pricing begins at 150.   We will have a special selection of packages available for our participants, which will all include a copy of the book. Otherwise the book can be purchased separately.   

We will send you an email or connect by phone with information on how to prepare for your session, what to bring with you and what to wear, as well as answer any questions you may have.

There are a limited number to be included in this project.

If this sounds like a project you would love to be apart of please apply here: