Meaningful Fine Art Portraits

Creating beautiful timeless pieces of art of your family to pass down generations.

The locket Session

The ones we love are the hardest to buy for. We want to make our gift so special and show them just how much we care. We try so hard to come up with the ideal gift to the point we can’t think of anything so perfect so instead, we just do nothing at all.

This year get her the most thoughtful gift she will ever receive. Something she will covet, adore and hold dear to her heart for a lifetime.

A beautiful Lisbeth locket featuring portraits of those she loves most in this world.

You will win Father of the year for this, I promise!

Our Locket Session includes the opportunity for Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend to have beautiful portraits created of her children and or family, chose her favourites portraits to live in her beautiful locket where she will wear each and everyday forever. Just imagine how priceless this gift will become over time, something she can one day pass down to her daughter.

For a very limited time, we are offering these sessions at a tremendous value. Hurry we only have a limited number of locket sessions before they are gone.

The Locket Session
195.00 430.00

Limited time offer, in time for Mother’s Day

Includes a portrait experience for children, family, couples or canines and receive: 

  • pre planning

  • in-studio portrait sitting

  • your choice of Lisbeth locket - A classic 14k Gold Fill Oval Locket or Sterling Silver Oval Locket on a 20" rope chain. This is $130 value

  • your choice of two portraits to fill the locket

  • cinematic viewing of  your portraits

  • ordering appointment for prints, gifts and wall portraits in addition

  • This is a 430 value

Offered at 195

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