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Creating beautiful timeless pieces of art of your family to pass down generations.


Congratulations on your new Sale!

By providing the details below your client will be sent a personalized gift certificate for an amazing in studio portrait experience with Hudson Wren Portraits.  This authentic experience provides your client with a high touch personalized level of service.  

Your client will enjoy an in studio portrait session with their family and a beautiful 10" gallery wrapped canvas portrait to display in their home.

This is a $400 Value.

What does this do for your business:

  • Dramatically increases your brand Loyalty.
  • Creates positive word of mouth.
  • People want to be appreciated and they will go back to the business who makes them feel appreciate.
  • Provides a high touch service to your customers, with no additional work or investment on your behalf.
  • This relationship model has a major impact on your client retention and referral.
  • Your company gets to take all the credit, and you look like the hero.

Actions speak louder than words and people will always remember how you make them feel.

As a bonus we will encourage each one of your clients to share their experience by leaving a google review for your business.

Sample Card Set

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Front of Gift Certificate

Inside of Thank you card

Back of Gift Certificate

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Hudson Wren Portraits Promise & Confidentiality

1. Hudson Wren Portraits will allow Lansdowne Appliance Gallery to use gift certificates in the amount of $500 for clients that are investing at least $20,000 in sales (good for a family portrait session and one 14” portrait lustre finished gallery wrapped canvas) as “thank you” gift to their clients at absolutely no cost to Lansdowne Appliance Gallery or their clients.

2. The above mentioned gift shall be provided to the clients of Lansdowne Appliance Gallery with no hidden fees or out of pocket expenses.  The clients of Lansdowne Appliance Gallery shall only incur cost when they (as a result of their own desire) upgrade to a larger size, purchase additional portraits or purchase a frame.

3.  Hudson Wren Portraits will be responsible for all the printing costs of the gift certificates, cards, envelopes etc.

4. Hudson Wren Portraits will be responsible for addressing and mailing the gift certificates out to the clients of Lansdowne Appliance Gallery with the names and addresses on a weekly basis for the sole purpose of sending out the above mentioned gift.

5.  Hudson Wren Portraits understands the extremely private nature of the Lansdowne Appliance Gallery client list, and understands that it is acting as an agent on behalf of Lansdowne Appliance Gallery, and agrees that it shall be used exclusively for the above mentioned purpose. 

6.  Hudson Wren Portraits agrees to make the overall experience of each of Lansdowne Appliance Gallery as positive as possible.  This includes using no big pressure sales at any time.