Meaningful Fine Art Portraits

Creating beautiful timeless pieces of art of your family to pass down generations.

Our Dress Code

Dressing formal will create a timeless portrait that your family with adore and cherish for a lifetime.   A Hudson Wren portrait will stand the test of time and will be the most elegant portrait your family will possess.

The key to a beautiful portrait is to let your face and eyes be the soul of the photograph, wearing dark or jewel tone colours will allow the focus to be just that.  Dressing in similar clothing creates a cohesive look, and a sense of unity.

Dark clothing is most pleasing and slimming to the eye.

Ladies, a beautiful dark coloured gown, with arm coverage and no pattern is preferred. Classic jewelry such as pearls, or diamonds lend themselves to timeless elegance.

Little girls a sweet beautiful dress, under 4 years a cream or white dress is acceptable. Dark or Jewel tones is preferred. 

Gentlemen and young men a dark suit, tuxedo, dark pants, a white collared shirt, with or without a tie or bowtie.

Teens a beautiful solid cocktail or long dress, sleeves or no sleeves.

Little men same colour palette, a vest and bowtie, a jacket, dress pants and a crisp white shirt.

Dress to compliment your body shape, being on trend is not necessarily the best as trends come and go.  Classic and timeless is key.

If you prefer a casual dress, there are a few guidelines to adhere to, dark and solid, no patterns, logos, or graphics.  A classic timeless style, something that will not look dated in 20 years.  Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Armani