Meaningful Fine Art Portraits

Creating beautiful timeless pieces of art of your family to pass down generations.

The birthday Portrait

Let us begin a tradition together. Each year from now and until they are grown.


Each and every month book in for an exclusive portrait experience to commemorate your child’s birthday.

There are very limited spaces offered each month by invite only.

This invitation would include an in-studio portrait session for the Birthday child, access to our complimentary wardrobe options, and a matted fine art portrait keepsake of your choice.

(A $400 value)


Why a birthday portrait?

The power of a photograph: the time it tells, the memory it stirs, the archive it creates. We feel so passionate about creating portraits you can pass down for generations and know a yearly chronicle of your child’s years would be considered priceless.

Hudson Wren creates portraits that are meant to be touched, displayed and relished for a lifetime.

As you move your hand slowly over the beautiful fine art print, it evokes emotion, taking you back to those moments in time that passed by quicker than you could ever imagine.

Our legacy portrait box is the perfect vessel to house such treasures. Or start a family wall, adding beautiful curated portraits each and every year.

Legacy portrait box

Why Choose Us?

Our service is bespoke and custom to your needs and wants. The experience created for you will leave you feeling elated, excited and longing to see the artwork. Our portraits cater to your family & children and whatever stage of life you are at.

  • The portraits are distinct, timeless, finished black and white on heirloom 

    fine art mediums to last generations.

  • The art we create for you will produce an amazing display that will transform your home.

  • Using only the highest quality of professionally finished artwork, custom  designed that have archival ratings for over 100 plus years, and a lifetime guarantee.

  • The option for a same day portrait session, cinematic viewing and 

    ordering appointment.

  • Full Service Studio

  • Complimentary formal wardrobe options available for ages 1 - 14 years, beautiful dresses, suit jackets, sweaters, and tuxedoes.

  • Giving back is a strong and important part of our business, our goal this year is to raise $50,000 for local charities and organizations through out the greater Victoria and Vancouver areas.

Matted art prints begin at 200, small print collections start at 550, finished custom framed wall portraits range from 700 and up, wall art collections begin at 1800.

There is no obligation for additional purchases, but most families take the opportunity to create custom wall portraits or albums for their family archives. Some spend 400 others invest 4000.

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